Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Blossom" as in Awesome Blossom!


After eluding our efforts to bring her in for over a month, "Blossom" finally arrived at Spay/Neuter clinic this morning. 

On October 1, we received a call from a woman who reported that she had shared her Outback Steakhouse leftovers with a kitten who was begging in the parking lot the night before.  She was concerned for her well-being and wondered if there wasn't something we could do to help her.

We contacted the restaurant who knew exactly what we were talking about.  According to them, the cat (not a kitten) had been stalking customers in their parking lot for "a while".  When it first showed up, it was wearing a collar so they thought it belonged to someone living in the apartments across the way, but shortly thereafter, the collar disappeared.  The Outback wasn't crazy about kitty being there, but also hadn't done anything to remedy the situation.  So, we took it on figuring we could just send one of our trappers out to pick it up and bring it in.  WRONG!  Bottom line, this girl had figured out the system.  She would sit outside the door, follow customers (who were bringing home leftovers) to their cars and ask for a handout which she often got.  After Jeff, our trapper, made several attempts at just picking kitty up, it was obvious that this wasn't going to work.  And, now that we see she has an ear tip, it is obvious why she wasn't excited about going into a trap AGAIN - she'd already been there/done that once before.

Since Jeff isn't one to give up, he was finally successful in luring her into the trap last night and now we have her.  Turns out she is tame, a little frightened and apprehensive because she doesn't know us, but purred and was kneading the whole time we were examining her.   And, the best part, she may already have a home!  (Jeff's parents are thinking about adopting her!)

Another happily ever after here at Forgotten Felines.

Meow for now,

P.S.  Blossom is named after the Awesome Blossom Onions at the Outback - so bad for you, but so good!

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