Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Andy's thankful for Shelly

"Andy" before his ear was removed due to skin cancer.
Andy, a cat who wandered into one of our Forgotten Felines colonies at the age of seven, was adopted to a lovely senior citizen who gave him a wonderful home for six years and then was no longer able to care for him, went home again today into a "Forever Foster" situation with his new mom, Shelly.

Just like Andy, Shelly has been connected to Forgotten Felines for many years.  She was a volunteer kennel assistant and cat cuddler in our adoption room, a foster parent, and a special events volunteer.  Recently Shelly lost two of her own elderly cats and phoned us to find out if we might have a senior kitty who would get along with the remaining 13 year old female cat she had at home.  "I want an older cat." she said, "but I don't want to have the expense that could potentially go along with adopting a senior."  To which we replied "Hey, we've got just the thing for you!  Our Forever Foster Program."   You take home an elder or special needs kitty and we'll provide the medical care if/when necessary.

It is a perfect partnership that benefits everybody.  Kitty gets a home and the adopter doesn't have to worry about the potential additional veterinary bills that could come along with taking in a senior cat.

Andy is a gentle soul who had already melted Shelly's heart as soon as she walked in the door to meet him.  Now we're just keeping our fingers crossed that he'll also be as warmly welcomed by resident kitty.  Keep your paws crossed for him.

Thank you Shelly for opening your heart to Andy.  And good luck with the introductions.

If you know someone who might be interested in adopting a cat from our "Forever Foster Program", please have them contact us.  We have several to choose from and each one of them would love to be home for the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.....Meow for now,


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