Friday, November 9, 2012

In Memory of Tim

Today we had a woman, Janet, come into the office to make a donation in memory of her brother, Tim.  She told us that Tim was a single man, kind of a rough and tough guy, former Marine who on the outside would never be perceived as a cat lover.  But he was.  He had seven feral cats that he fed and they brought him so much joy that at the time when he was faced with death, his greatest concern was "what is going to happen to my cats?"  Fortunately for Tim, he had a kind and caring sister who took it upon herself to remove that burden from her brother's heart.  Janet called Forgotten Felines and we armed her with all of the tools to successfully trap the cats Tim was caring for.  We set her up with appointments at our spay/neuter clinics and last April she completed the goal for her brother.  But now that the cats were altered, there was still the dilemna as to who was going to care for them after Tim was gone.  Well, that was easily solved as all of Tim's neighbors rallied together promising to continue to care for the cats.  Upon Tim's death, he asked that friends and family bring cat food to his neighbors rather than flowers for his funeral.  Tim passed away in May knowing that his cats were altered and will continue to be looked after.  A heartwarming story to end the week.

Meow for now,

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