Friday, July 27, 2012

Back in the USA

My apologies for not posting in a while.  It isn't because we haven't been doing anything around here, its because we've been crazy busy and I couldn't find the time to fit everything in!  And on top of our normal kitten season activities, I was preparing to get everything squared away for a vacation to Ireland!  It was my first time visiting Europe and although it was a whirlwind of a trip, what an experience to have in my memory banks.  I came home with a new appreciation for history and a renewed yearning for learning about something other than our four legged furry felines!

So I saw four cats the entire time I was there - three were black and one was a tortie and they were all feral - or as they called them - "born in the wild".  Saw a lot of dogs - most of which were unaltered, but very well cared for which made me very happy.  (The fact that they were well cared for - not that they weren't altered.)  But, I was in Ireland, not in Sonoma County and like many things, that was one of the differences in our every day life.  I am happy to report that Ireland does have groups just like Forgotten Felines in the country that advocate for them and promote TNR, but they still have fox hunts.  We were up close and personal with a Field Master and his hounds and although the dogs were amazing (again, none of them altered), I'm not a fan.

We met a lot of wonderful people on the trip, locals, visitors from other European countries as well as the USA.  Getting on the elevator at our hotel one afternoon, a man and his young son got on with me.  The little boy wore a bright yellow t-shirt with CALIFORNIA written on the front in bold orange letters.  I asked the little fellow if he was from California and as soon as he opened his mouth to answer, I knew from his Irish accent that he was not.  He replied shyly "no, i'm not".  And then I asked "Have you been to California?"  figuring that is where he got the t-shirt.  Again he replied "no, I've never been there".  And, then I offered, "Well, that is where I'm from." at which both his father and himself looked at me with wide eyes and smiles and his father said "You are so lucky".

As much as I enjoyed my stay in Ireland and truly value the experience I AM lucky to live in California and never take a day here for granted.  Glad to be back in the USA.

Meow for now,
Mi Lady, Jennifer

Jennifer on Bruno

Irish Cats

Kylemoore Abbey - the most beautiful place I saw!

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