Friday, July 27, 2012

Better than TV

We have a client we're working with that has over 30 cats and kittens in their colony.  Unfortunately they didn't seek our help BEFORE all of their females gave birth or their colony wouldn't be quite so large.  We've taken a number of the babies into our adoption program, but more keep coming.  This week they brought in seven kittens to Wednesday's spay/neuter clinic, but most of them had colds and many were underweight.  So in this particular case we're holding the kittens, treating them for their upper respiratory infection and giving them a place to stay until they gain weight and are healthy. 

When was the last time you were able to watch seven adorable kittens romping and wrestling and napping in a pile.  How delightful it is to see those seven little furbies circling a plate of food - tails in the air and heads down eating until their little bellies turn round.  One by one they leave the food plate for grooming those adorable tiny faces -  just like the big cats.  Oh, and when you reach in to pet one, the purrs are contagious as one little purr turns into two, three and on and on.  I could watch and listen for hours.  I guess thats when you know you're a true cat person.  (Like I didn't know that about myself before now!)

As our adoption program and foster homes are full right now, these kittens will be held until space opens up and then on to finding a home all their own.

Baby one, baby two

Baby three, baby four

Baby five, six, and seven!

Meow for now,

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