Monday, June 18, 2012

Support from the Community

We have lots of loyal supporters, but just recently we received several nice donations from local businesses which always feels like a nice pat on the back.   

Summit State Bank honored us recently with a nice donation.  They had a booth at the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce Business Fair and on their table they had six piggy banks representing six different charities that bank with them.  Attendees were asked to put a penny into the piggy bank that they most wanted to see receive a donation.  Forgotten Felines ended up with the most pennies and we won the donation!  It was quite a delight to 1.) be selected as one of the candidates and 2.) be favored by the attendees. 

Tuttles Pharmacy have been sending us numerous donations as a gesture of their support for us and a way to memorialize some of their cat loving friends.

Today, we received a donation of over $1000 from Pet Food Express.  During the month of April they held a "Save a Kitten" campaign and Forgotten Felines was selected as one of the rescue groups that were awarded the proceeds of this program.  Their letter read:

"We run this program to help you with the costs of handling the volume of kittens that come into your facilities each Spring.   Thank you all for the incredibly hard work you do on behalf of the cats and kittens in need."

That just makes me feel happy.

Meow for now,

Peek A Boo and Thank You from "Ajax"

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