Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Watch Diane's kittens grow

Isn't technology amazing.  I can't wait until they make microchips that are also pet trackers.  Can you even imagine what that will do for us.  And when I refer to "us", I'm talking about those of us who CARE about where our animals are.  No more hours of worry and angst about where your cat can be.....you just get on your phone, I-Pad or computer and you'll know exactly where they are - even if it is only in the next room!  Lost pets will be a thing of the past - again for those who care.  We'll still have lost animals and no way to reunite them to their owner if the owner doesn't WANT to get them back.  I guess the only way we'll get around that is if people have microchips implanted too.  When you adopt, the two are somehow linked so not only can we find the pet, but we can find the owner as well!  Think that's going to happen?  Probably not, but you never know.

Until then, we'll use today's technology to allow you an inside view on a moma and kitten family that are currently in foster care.  Diane, an FFSC foster mom spends tons of time with her foster babies and enjoys taking video of them which is then uploaded to YouTube.  Now YOU can watch them grow with her.  There are some darling shots and we'll add more as she gets them to us.  You can watch as Slick, the brown tabby, Batman, the smokey black boy, Ajax, the 2nd brown tabby, and McDuff, the orange tabby grow up with their Tortie Moma.

This little family came from Petaluma.  Momma will finish raising her kittens and then she will be altered and returned to her colony. 

You can find them at:



Meow for now,

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