Thursday, June 14, 2012

The "Flower Lady" at Pick of the Litter Thrift & Gift

Arrangements by Sue
Here is # 3 in a series of articles that provide a look inside the various departments at Pick of the Litter Thrift and Gift.  In it, I hope to give you a good idea of the merchandise handled by the department and some examples of treasures recently processed and put up for sale.

Volunteer, Sue - our "Flower Lady"
This time, I am pleased to introduce Sue.  She is the ‘flower lady’ at Pick of the Litter.  She is responsible for all of the beautiful faux flower arrangements that are offered for sale.  Sue has been doing floral arrangements for over thirty years.  She has worked in silk and live floral arranging as an independent and for numerous florists and wholesalers. 

Unlike other types of donations, these unique arrangements do not come into the shop as finished products needing just a minor cleaning before being presented for sale.  Not by a long shot! Instead, Sue’s raw materials come in the form of donated silk flowers and accessories, floral foam, tape, wire, baskets and vases.  To these components she adds her skill and artistry to produce magic.  Sue told me; “I would like to thank all the people who have donated materials in the past 3 years that I have been creating floral arrangements for POTL. I have used these materials to create high quality floral designs at a very reasonable price for the home or office.”

If you would like to have a realistic yet everlasting bouquet to brighten a room at home or give as a gift for a special occasion, come by Pick of the Litter and check out Sue’s artistic handiwork.  You will be hard pressed to tell the difference between her faux arrangements and real fresh flowers.
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