Friday, April 20, 2012

It's not ALL spay/neuter around here...


At this past week's spay/neuter clinic we had two cats come in with severe matting.  Bob, the caretaker of one of these cats had e-mailed us saying that a cat that had been living in and around the neighborhood for about three years (previously altered by Forgotten Felines) was now starting to befriend him.  "Jerry"  was sitting on the front doorstep and was slowly allowing Bob to touch him.  But what Bob discovered was that Jerry was covered with matts and was asking for advise on what to do for this cat.   He explained that he was on a fixed income so couldn't afford to take him to a traditional vets office or a groomer, but assumed that kitty had to be in pain having nearly his entire body covered in matts.  So, we invited him to come to one of our spay/neuter clinics and he gladly took us up on this offer. 

As it turned out, Jerry was very frightened, but handlable enough that he took his nearly full body shaving like a champ. We can't always help with every request that comes to FFSC, but when we can, we will.

Meow for now,

Fur removed from Jerry

Jerry post shave....His friends might laugh, but he's certainly a lot more comfortable.

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