Friday, April 20, 2012

"Just One Day"


On June 11th, Forgotten Felines will be participating in a nation-wide event called "Just One Day".  It is a fabulous concept hosted by No Kill Nation.  The idea is that every shelter across the country has been asked to make a pledge not to kill any animals for just one day, June 11th, 2012.  That instead of reducing the number of animals in the shelter by killing them, greater efforts will be made to adopt them instead.  And, the larger goal of course would be that "If we can do it for one day, then maybe we can put this same kind of effort into the next day and the next and so on and so on......."

Sonoma Humane Society will be hosting an event that day surrounding this nationwide effort and Forgotten Felines will be participating.  Take a look at the web site.

Can you imagine one day in the entire country where NO animal was killed in our shelters.  Wouldn't it be wonderful.

Meow for now,

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