Thursday, March 29, 2012

Speaking of Relocations - A Great Story about "Frito"

My name is "Frito"
One rainy morning about a year ago our UPS driver came into the office and told us about a cat that he had seen on several occasions dumpster diving at the Frito Lay distribution center down the street.  On this particular morning he happened to mention it to us cause the cat was soaking wet, hiding underneath the dumpster and looking rather forelorn.  We couldn't stand the thought of this poor boy having to fend for himself so off Sherry, our Trapping Coordinator, went to the rescue.  She inquired at the business about kitty and employees told us he had been there about a year.  That at one time he had siblings, but they had all been "removed".  Since this one wily fellow was already altered (he had an ear tip) and wasn't causing any trouble, they just allowed him to remain.  They didn't feed him, but he was very proficient at tearing open all of the discarded potato chips and fritos bags in the dumpster and that is where he found his meals. 

Sherry trapped him and "Frito" came to live with Forgotten Felines.  He was completely feral so we found him a relocation home.  You can see where he lives now with a meal of cat food, clean water and plenty of room to roam every day.  He shares his home with wonderful people who also care for three rescued horses, an elderly dog, another 18 year old cat and a slew of chickens!  A happily ever after Relocation Story!
Frito's New Home - Guerneville, CA

Meow for now,


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