Thursday, March 29, 2012

Barn Cat Relocation Program

For years FFSC has been doing "relocations" - removing cats from one location and relocating them to another.  Understand that we perform or recommend relocations only in the most dire circumstances, because above all, it is always best for the cat if they can stay where they are familiar and comfortable.  But sometimes, situations exist where moving the cats can't be avoided in an effort to save their lives.

A couple of years ago our Receptionist, Stephanie took a keen interest in expanding this program from performing a relocation every so often to currently placing several cats every month.  Last week a freelance writer came to our offices and interviewed Stephanie about our program.  Here is the link to that article published in Wine which is very well written and gets to the heart of the Relocation Program.

As a result of this article, another publication from New York e-mailed us this morning to ask for pictures of our barn cats to accompany the article they are going to write about the benefit of cats to wineries!  That magazine is call UNCORKED.

Additionally, Stephanie wrote an article for Sonoma Gazette that will be published next month.

Our goal with the Relocation Program is to have enough sites to be able to relocate any feral cat that needs a new home which would include any feral cats that find themselves in any of our shelters.  We currently work with all of the local shelters and pull as many out as we can accommodate, but still ferals are being killed because no homes are available.

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