Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Not Adoptable" is "Not" in our Vocabulary

While talking with a volunteer about one of the new cats in our Adoption Program who is elderly with a few medical issues going on, she said to me - "Would that make him unadoptable?"  To which I replied "All of our cats are adoptable, we just have to find the right adopter." 

And, that is the way we felt about Stevie who came to us through one of our Forgotten Felines Colonies up in Healdsburg.  Our volunteer caretaker trapped and brought Stevie in to a spay/neuter clinic as a sick, beat up, unaltered boy.  Once in the trap and in safe hands, however, we found that Stevie wasn't feral, just shy so he appeared feral in the colony.  Since it is our mission to remove tame cats from feral cat colonies and find them homes, Stevie stayed with us and entered the Adoption Program rather than being returned to his colony.  Unfortunately Stevie was timid and FIV positive making him more difficult to adopt that our other charges.  After several months of trying to find him a home, we discovered that the Petaluma Shelter also had an FIV positive cat that they were attempting to place.  So, we joined forces and sent Stevie off to live with the other FIV positive boy named Feivel at the Petaluma Shelter.  They had an adoption room to themselves and after a brief adjustment period, became wonderful roommates.  Months went by with no home.  Then a third FIV positive kitty came along.  This time a girl named Olga who joined the two boys.  So, although the three had plenty of cat company, we were all hoping for a real home and family for each of them.

Than an angel came along.  A new volunteer joined Forgotten Felines who had lost an elderly cat and found her home quiet and empty without a feline friend.  But, she didn't want to adopt just anybody, she wanted to adopt someone that nobody else wanted - and she wanted two somebodies!  After many conversations with Laura, our Foster Program Coordinator, it was arranged that she would go down to the Petaluma Shelter and meet "the boys", Stevie and Feivel.   Well, how could she take just the two of them home and leave poor Olga behind?  So, yep, you guessed it, she took all three of them.

Here is the follow-up from their "angel" which will leave you smiling!

Everyone is just doing great.  Olga and Feivel are bed sleepers and, luckily, have picked opposite sides of the bed. When/if Stevie decides he wants to do that too, we might have some space issues.  :)

Not sure how playful Stevie and Feivel were at the shelter, but those two are something else.  Stevie will be just wandering around, minding his own business when Feivel will leap out from behind something, chase him down and just wrestle him to the ground. and then start licking his head.  Its crazy.

On more rare occasions, Stevie will come up to Feivel to return the head-licking favor, but still it turns into another wrestling match.

Basically Feivel is just a big sh*%-disturber and everyone is fair game to be chased.  :)

Olga is trying to get in on the fun, but I'm not entirely sure she understands "play."  She runs up on the other two or lays in wait behind a corner, but then just swats at them and hisses.  They both jump away and give her a confused look.  I think she thinks she's playing, but the other two just don't know what to make of her.  Luckily, she loves the feather toy and I'm more than happy to be her playmate.

I just am so happy with these three. Cats are just the most fascinating and fun creatures.  They are constantly making me smile. :)

Stevie & Feivel

Olga in the enclosed sunroom

Meow for now,

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