Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back from Vacation

Hi All:  I was on vacation in Jamaica last week and didn't see a single cat.  I did see dogs, all appeared healthy and cared for which was a huge relief.  There is nothing worse than going on vacation only to be haunted by animals in poor condition without the hometown resources that we are so fortunate to have available to us here in Sonoma County.  When I inquired to a few of the locals about "pets", they informed me that they don't feel the same way about animals as we do.  They feed them, but they're never allowed inside the home.  "They're animals and they live outside."   I was happy to get home and "snuggle down" with my cat babies who missed me terribly - or so I'd like to believe!

But the sounds of the ocean, smell of the flowers and warmth of the Jamaican sun are fading away and its back to business in the equally beautiful Sonoma County, California.

Just read a great article by Dr. Michael Trapani who recently opened a veterinary practice in Bodega Bay.  He is a featured writer for the Sonoma County Gazette and the article he published for this month is wonderful.  (In fact, read the article he wrote last month too which is just as informative.)  The link is as follows:
http://www.sonomacountygazette.com/cms/pages/sonoma-county-news-article-181.html  The article talks about the impending kitten season and the reasons some people give as to why their pets haven't been altered.  I especially love his belief that "...about 3% of pet owners allow their pets to breed irresponsibly - and that those same 3% are responsible for the entire pet over-population problem.  The rest of us - the 97% - are enablers."  Read the article, it's wonderful!

Lots more to write about once I can see past the piles on my desk!

Meow for now,

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