Friday, March 9, 2012

What would happen to your babies if something happened to you?

Yesterday I answered the phone to a woman starting our her query with "I'm wondering if you can help me.  I'm not sure what to do.  My neighbors left and......."  And as she hesitated, I jumped in with "Let me guess....they left their cat behind."  She said "How did you know?" and was genuinely shocked when I told her that we receive these calls on a regular basis.  Those of us who are responsible companion caretakers can't imagine doing this to a beloved member of the family, but there are many folks out there who don't hesitate. 

This call on the other hand, was a breath of fresh air. 

Taylor, one of our staff members took a call from Heather.  Her mother had adopted two cats from us 13 years prior -  a male, Max and a female, Jo.  She explained that her mother had passed away and she was arranging to take the cats back with her (ALL THE WAY ) to Washington DC.  She was calling to let us know so that we could update our records.  Her next call was to her mother's vet for kitties medical records and then to the airlines to find out appropriate travel arrangements for Max and Jo.

From time to time it gets discouraging to hear about how people are so cavalier about leaving their pets behind or someone passes, but nobody wants to continue to care for those left behind.  The Heathers in the world give us hope, make us smile and remind us that there are wonderful, caring people out there.

What would happen to your babies if something happened to you?

Meow for now,

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