Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catch of the Day

2/22/2012 - Today at Spay/Neuter clinic we altered 10 cats that Volunteer Trapper, Diane brought in from one colony.  Now you may think that ten cats from one colony is a large number, but this was the 3rd mass trap outing she's been on at this same location.  The first outing with Trapping Coordinator, Sherry yeilded a whopping 33 cats - our largest outing ever.  And, the 2nd trip they brought in 14 more.  Are we done?  Not yet - Diane will be heading out again next Tuesday to hopefully finish the job.

"Mass Trapping" - where we go out and trap as many cats as possible in one visit -  is something we'll be doing more of this year.  This particular colony caretaker was bringing in 2-3 cats a week, but when we inquired "How many more do you have to trap? and she said 60, well that raised the red flag.  By interceding and taking over the trapping, we can pre-empt the inevitable explosion of kittens.  If Diane is successful next week in completing the colony, we will have prevented litters from being born at this location.  Do the math.  Since January, we have altered 37 females.  Can you imagine the size of this colony if we hadn't?
Nearly every cat is buff or orange
Diane & Sherry with their "catch"

What you want me "inside" not "outside"??
And just in case you're wondering - each and every one of these cats are loved and well cared for.
Meow for now,

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