Friday, May 11, 2012

Because we can....

At this very moment we have three very fortunate cats in house that we're caring for that I'd like to tell you about.  The first is an old gal, Cupcake,  (probably close to 15) who spent years living at a local hotel.  She was cared for by various employees who looked upon her kindly.  Her caretakers came and went, but she remained everfaithful showing up each morning in the parking lot waiting for her meal.  A couple of months ago her current caretaker called saying that there was something wrong with her....she was unsteady on her feet, just laying in one spot.  Sherry, our Trapping Coordinator AND Lead Rescuer went out to assess the situation.  Long story short, Cupcake has been with us ever since.  The best we can describe her condition is that she is similar to someone who has had a stroke.  She's shaky and uncoordinated, but loves her cozy bed, doesnt' miss a meal and still has plenty of spunk. 

"Cupcake" cuddled in her cozy bed

"Orange" another elderly fellow was brought to us by his caretaker this past week.  He had gone missing for about two weeks, but then showed up dehydrated and extremely thin.  Normally feral and untouchable, his caretaker was able to wrap him up in a towel and bring him in to us.  Dr. Hertzel, one of our spay/neuter vets was on site for clinic and examined him.  She couldn't find anything clearly wrong other than the above, so we pumped Orange up with fluids, snuggled him in a warm bed and kept our fingers crossed.  Day two found him still with very little energy, but we were encouraged when he was able to use his litter box and gobbled up a few bites of food on his own.  When we arrived this morning to check on him we were met with a hiss and an empty food plate from the night before.  Stephanie, our receptionist said "Isn't it funny that we're happy when a cat hisses at us."  Clearly this means that he is feeling better.  He's still not out of the woods, but headed in the right direction as a result of the supportive care that we are willing and able to provide.

"Kitty Kitty" arrived two weeks ago to one of our spay/neuter clinics.  A very large, bruiser of a fellow, Seal Point, Siamese X with very unusual markings has been living in his neighborhood for several years receiving handouts from various people.  One caretaker finally took it upon herself to trap him and get him fixed except that when we anesthesized him, we found him to be very ill.  His ears were infected, his paws were infected and oh, he was a cryptorchid, so even getting him neutered that day wasn't possible.  We spoke with his caretaker and everyone agreed that we wanted to give this boy a chance at treatment.  We set up a cage, got him started on meds and after two weeks Dr. Kenyon's examination found his ears to be healing nicely, his pads to be scabbing over and although we discovered two other complications (a "dead" tail and hernia - all, we surmise, is as a result of a hit by car), he was coming along nicely.  He'll still stay with us for another couple of weeks before we get him altered, remove his tail and ensure that his ears are cleared up.  In the meantime, he talks to us (meows) when we wake him from his catnaps, purrs when we scratch his giant jowls and inhales every scrap of food we put in his cage.
"Kitty Kitty" enjoying his afternoon nap

All three of these cats would not have had a chance if it weren't for Forgotten Felines.  Why do we do it?  Because we can.  Because each little life that presents itself to us has value and is worth the time, energy and effort we extend to them.  Some we are able to save.  Some we are not.  But each one is treated with kindness and respect.  Thanks to our staff and volunteers who perform these little miracles and to our donors for supporting us. 

Meow for now,

In memory of darling little "Mini" -  5/11/2012

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