Friday, June 12, 2015

"Free Kitens" left in a brown paper bag

Driving along River Road yesterday, Stephanie, our Receptionist had to slow down for the vehicle in front of her who was making a turn.  Fortunately that gave her the opportunity to notice a brown paper grocery bag sitting on the opposite side of the road that had the words "Free Kitens" written on it in black felt marker.

She almost couldn't believe her eyes, but pulled over in order to investigate further.  Inside the bag were two 3 week old kittens.  No blanket, no note, nothing but two orphaned babies left on the side of the road.  They were cold and very thin.  She rushed them back to the office and staff went to work by warming them up and giving them a meal. 

One Siamese One Brown Tabby

These two little munchkins are now in foster care with one of our "Bottle Feeders" and we're hopeful they'll pull through.

Please think positive thoughts for these babies.

Meow for now,

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