Friday, February 7, 2014

Star Light, Star Bright.....

.....First star I see tonight.  Wish I may.  Wish I might.  Get the wish I wish tonight. 

As a child, I remember reciting this poem and wishing upon the stars - probably for trivial things like a new bicycle or an A in my geometry class (NOT).  But now as an adult, I would wish that all of the people that we adopt to would have the same intention that Sarah expressed in the letter that we received today about her promise to her kitty, Sage.  Here is what she wrote.

Dear Forgotten Felines:

Thank you for everything you do to help the kitties in Sonoma County to find their forever homes.

When I adopted my cat, Sage, nearly 14 years ago, I promised him that he would be mine for the rest of his life.  I told him we would love him and take care of him until his very last day.  My sweet kitty, Sage, lived 13 wonderful years and I loved him until his last day....and I love him still.

I hope my donation will help Forgotten Felines with whatever is needed to give our four-legged friends homes and foster homes.

Thank you for all that you do!  With gratitude,  Sarah

Adoption returns are one of the hardest situations we deal with here at Forgotten Felines.  First of all, we feel as though we let our kitty down by placing it into a home that didn't last forever.  But secondly, we see the confused and displaced cats withdraw from life, stop eating and become depressed when they find themselves without their home.  I think people believe that they can just "return" them and we'll simply take care of everything and they don't have to worry anymore.

If you're going to adopt, then commit just like Sarah did to her beloved Sage.  Till death us do part!  Its my wish for all of our cats.

Meow for now,

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