Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mikey and Rialto

Mikey (on left) and Rialto (on right)
Just like us, each cat has it's own story.  Rialto (quite a wonderful name) came to us from a man whose intentions were good, but through misinformation and fear, ended up relinquishing him to Forgotten Felines.  Rialto was found wandering in a mobile home park and was brought to us by this man who had intended to make him part of his feline family.  (Rialto is one of the most wonderful cat's you'll ever come across.....just wants love and affection and returns it in abundance.)  Unfortunately Rialto turned up being FIV+ and the man no longer wanted to keep him.  In fact, he was going to have him killed.  Well, we weren't going to have any part of that, so Rialto joined the Forgotten Felines family.  He is currently in foster care with his new friend, Mikey.

Mikey came to us as a tame kitty from a rather large colony of feral cats.  Whenever possible we make every attempt to help re-home tame cats especially if the caretaker is having difficulties in properly caring for the group.  Well, Mikey was a favorite in the colony, (another loverboy of a cat) but he had a chronic upper respiratory infection that she wasn't able to heal and ultimately wanted the best for him so turned him over for adoption to us.  We placed him in foster care and got rid of his chronic runny nose, but soon found out that he had several other medical issues as well.   His teeth were bad, his gums were bad and he had a skin condition - all to the tune of well over $1000 to treat and hopefully cure.  Well, that is a pretty hefty medical bill for one little kitty, but he was SO very, very sweet what could we do?

First of all, one of our partner veterinarians gave us a great discount on his care and then two of our terrific volunteers decided to do an on line auction for Mikey's medical bills.  And, guess what - yep, they raised every cent in order for us to give Mikey all that he needs to be ready for a new home.

And, along the way, Mikey and Rialto have become best buds.  Two furry friends found acceptance, health and hope for a new future.  They'll both be available for adoption by the end of the month.  Spread the word, please!!!

Meow for now,

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