Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The cat with three names.......

Two weeks ago one of our spay/neuter clients brought in a cat from her neighborhood that she had never seen before but believed it needed medical care and wanted to be sure it was altered.  Turned out the cat was an elderly, already altered male who was completely tame.  Unfortunately no microchip or collar.  The woman didn't believe he belonged to any of her neighbors and said she would gladly feed him, but he couldn't come inside her home that was already occupied by her own housecats.  Since he was old, thin, and somewhat feeble, we couldn't bear to turn him back out into the cold weather we've been having.  So, we set up a spot for him here at our offices until we could assess his overall health and temperment.  Meanwhile, we all fell in love with this gentle beauty with the giant paws (a polydachtyl) who would give you head butts and purr the moment you went near him.  "Harrison" (named after Harrison Ford) was happy as a clam all tucked into his cage with a cozy, heated bed, wet food two times a day and lots of attention.  Being as sweet as he was, we just couldn't believe that someone didn't own him.

So, last Friday, we printed out LOST flyers and headed out to the neighborhood where he was found.  We walked the beautiful old Santa Rosa neighborhood sticking flyers on mailboxes and signposts. 

We'd only just returned to the office when we got a call from a man saying "I just got home and found a flyer on my mailbox.  This is my cat Jack" he said.  We were elated.  As it turned out, "Jack" is "co-owned" by two neighbors who live across the street from one another.  He had shown up as a beat up stray cat seven years prior and they had taken him in, nursed him back to health and he lived between the two houses - getting fed at both places, sleeping in both garages and they were SO happy to find that he was safe and sound with FFSC.  What was even more ironic was that "Jack's" co-owner turned out to be one of our Pick of the Litter staff members!  She too was flabergasted to find a flyer in her mailbox with Charlie's (at her house they called him Charlie) picture on it and that Forgotten Felines had him.

Last night he went home with our staff member to live out the rest of his days as an indoor cat! 

And they all lived happily ever after.

"Ho hum.....I think I'll take a cat nap while they figure out where I belong."
 Meow for now,

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