Friday, September 28, 2012

What's in YOUR "In Box"?

Wylie in my "IN" basket
Today, my foster baby, "Wylie" was in my "in box".  Two weeks ago we arrived at our offices on a Saturday morning to find an open cat carry box at our front doorstep.  Foster Program Coordinator, Laura and I commented to one another - "Well, it could have been a donation??", but deep down inside, we both figured it wasn't just a donation of a box, but rather a box full of something that had escaped!  Laura scoured the bushes, but didn't see or hear anything so we decided we'd leave food out that night and see if anything presented itself.   

Later on in the afternoon when our parking lot had quieted down, I decided to do a little investigating myself.  I headed out toward the bushes and started my Moma Cat Call - a sound only those of us who "speak the language" have perfected - and sure enough as I rounded the corner two little heads popped up looking for the source of the cat call.  Except what they saw (me) and what they expected (another cat) came as quite a surprise so they ducked back into the safety of some large dog igloos that we had stored behind our offices.   It took me a few minutes, but I finally plucked each fuzzy little darling inside to safety. 

Empty box waiting in front of our door
Now, two weeks later, they're friendly, fixed and ready for mobile adoption tomorrow.   Although Lane, Linus, Willie and Wylie didn't come into our Adoption Program the way we prefer them to, they were accepted none the less and will forever be part of the Forgotten Felines Family.

All four boys enjoying a snooze fest
Lane helping me at my desk


NOTE:  Forgotten Felines does not normally take into our adoption program any cats or kittens left on our doorstep.  Instead, we prefer people to phone us so we can assist them in a way that is responsible and SAFE for everyone.  Had we not come into the office that Saturday morning, who knows what might have happened to these darling kittens.

Meow for now,

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