Friday, September 28, 2012

Coffee, Tea, or Meow??

Starbucks Kitten #1

On Tuesday of this week, we received a call from a customer who was driving through the Starbucks and read a sign at the pick up window that said "Watch out for kittens in our driveway".  That night, our acting Trapping Coordinator, Nina sent out one of our trappers, Robin, who lives close by to get whomever she could for our clinic on Wednesday.  Robin came back with Moma (who is totally a tame love bug) and one of her feral kittens who were altered at clinic.  She went back on Wednesday night and got a 2nd kitten.  Laura, our Foster Program Coordinator set up mom with her two babies with foster parent Denise who had just become available (the cage wasn’t even cold from the previous litter and she was volunteering for more!) with a plan in place that if Robin caught the last kitten over the weekend, the two of them could connect and keep the family together.  This morning we had a victorious e-mail from Robin saying that she had trapped the last kitten (only took about an hour) and Denise came this morning up to the office to pick it up.  Just now I received another e-mail from Robin – “I just got off the phone from Starbucks – there are two more kittens!  I’m on my way back down there.”  I just forwarded the e-mail to Denise who replied “Bring em on!”  I love these stories and I love our volunteers.  Stay tuned……Oh here is the latest from Denise  “Mom cat is nursing the black/white kitten. She is indifferent to the gray babies. Is it possible that we have 2 different litters?”  The gray ones stay at the back of the cage and don’t approach her at all.  Robin is going to LOVE this news!

Meow for now,

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