Friday, February 17, 2012

Working with Other Shelters

Here is a another happy ending story which gives an example of how we work closely with the other six Sonoma County Shelters. 

Last week a woman phoned saying that she had a semi-tame stray confined in her house that had recently shown up with wounds on it's head and a swollen eye.  Since it wasn't altered, she was scheduled to bring the cat in to our clinic on Wednesday where we would fix him AND treat his wounds.  On clinic day, instead of showing up with the cat, we had a message from her saying that she was going to surrender him to the Petaluma Animal Shelter.

Later that day when Kathy from the Petaluma Animal Shelter arrived at our offices (to bring us 2 feral cats from their shelter for a relocation - we work with them that way too), Stephanie, our receptionist, happened to mention to Kathy that they should expect to see a cat coming in with an injury and gave her the name and phone number of the woman.

Well, instead of waiting for the woman to bring the cat in, Kathy went back to the Petaluma Shelter and phoned her.  Yesterday the woman brought in the cat.  It will be neutered next week by the Petaluma Shelter, will have it's eye treated and then returned to the Good Samaritan who took this fellow in.

Working together benefits us all.

Meow for now,

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